Standard Compliance

In addition to the specific compliance requirements for each product, there are some standard compliance requirements for FI websites as a whole. These are basics that we must always follow/include.

  • For banks, FDIC logo (as seen in footer below) must be on footer of all pages (see exception) and logo must link to (with speedbump).

  • For credit unions, NCUA logo (as seen in footer below) must be on footer of all pages (see exception) and logo must link to a separate page that includes that logo large enough for every word to be read. This page will then include a link to (with speedbump).
  • An alternative is to have the NCUA logo (as seen in footer below) with the full legal text from that logo immediately beside it, large enough to be easily read (and at least as large as the smallest non-logo font on the page)

  • EXCEPTION: On any page that mentions investment services, insurance products, or other non-insured banking products, the FDIC/NCUA logos and language must be removed from the footer. Also, these pages must include language that indicates these products are not insured (i,e., * Not FDIC insured * May go down in value * Not financial institution guaranteed * Not a deposit * Not insured by a federal government agency).

  • Equal Housing Lender logo must appear on every page for every FI. This logo must be the version that includes the verbiage "Equal Housing Logo" large enough to be legible. The logo must link to (with speedbump).
  • NOTE: Technically, if an FI is not an Equal Housing Lender, then we do not include this logo. But we have yet to encounter an FI that is not. If an FI is not, they will certainly know and will inform us.

  • Privacy Policy must be included and it must follow a very specific PDF format. See Privacy Policy for details.

  • Anywhere there is a disclaimer: Disclaimer font must be in such size and typeface that it is legible to all individuals. Industry best practice is a font size of 10px (for a typical web safe font).

No rates shown

If an interest-bearing account is advertised without showing the specific rate, the full disclaimer is not necessary. However, any reference to ATM fee refunds must still include an * indicating a disclaimer. In this case, use the following disclaimer:

*Qualifications, limits and other requirements apply. See financial institution for details.

(Note: If you know for certain this will appear specifically for one bank or one credit union, you can substitute the appropriate word for "financial institution.")