Example Rates Charts Below.

Also, please familiarize yourself with these general principles that can answer many questions regarding rates charts and compliance.

  • APY = Annual Percentage Yield goes at very top of page and does not include an * before it
  • Rates and APY effective date should be at top of page as well.
  • Fees may reduce earnings also goes at top of page.
  • Also include at top of page: "Rates and rewards are variable and may change after account is opened."

  • The * symbol for disclaimer is used for BancVue products only.
  • The * goes after the product name. Not in the APY column.
  • The product name links to the full disclosure, one click away, on the product page.
  • Disclaimer is not required on rates page as long as it's one click away. But if FI wants it on rates page, go ahead and do it.
  • Use other symbols (other than *) for every other FI product other than BancVue products, such as ^, †, our superscript numerals

  • For any Kasasa / RCS rate charts. We must include the qualifications within close proximity to the chart. Right underneath the chart is best, with a clear heading that says "Qualifications."
  • The qualifications must follow the standard compliance requirements and language documented throughout this site. Including the lead-in sentence to be exactly as follows: To earn your rewards, simply do the following activities and transactions in your [ACCOUNT NAME] account each monthly qualification cycle:

  • In the actual charts for deposit accounts, the two rates columns are not APR and APY. The APY column is correct. The other column must either say "Interest Rate" or "Rate." NOT APR.
  • Note, for loan charts, APR is correct.
  • For credit unions, it cannot say "interest rate." Either "Dividend Rate" or just "Rate."
  • Don't forget to show APY as a range for the above-cap APY column on Kasasa / RCS products

  • For non-BancVue products, if there is a minimum deposit to earn interest, that must be indicated in that specific product chart or immediately below chart (not at bottom of page).

  • Any disclaimer language for non-BV products, user verbatim as client provides, where they want to provide it

  • For non-BancVue products that do not include qualifications: the disclaimer for each product can either be immediately following each chart, or they can all be put together at very bottom of page. Putting all disclaimers at bottom of rates page is OK, but any qualifications to earn interest must be immediately following the specific chart (or within it).

  • CDs (or "share certificates" for credit unions) must include a disclaimer immediately following chart that says something to the effect of "Penalty for early withdrawal."

Example Rates Page

Note: Numbers and specifics used in rates chart are for illustrative purposes only and will always have to be changed according to the FI.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

Rates and APYs accurate as of October 15, 2015.

Rates and rewards are variable and may change after account is opened.

Fees may reduce earnings.

Kasasa Cash or REWARDChecking* (Learn More)

Balances up to $15,0003.50%3.54%
Balances over $15,0001.50%3.54% to 1.85%
All balances if qualifications are not met0.05%0.05%


To earn your rewards, just do the following transactions and activities in your [ACCOUNT NAME] during each Monthly Qualification Cycle:

Note: only include the qualifications that apply to the FI, as worded below. To ensure consistency, you may wish to copy and paste the qualifications language from the product page. However, please ensure that the language is current and accurate.

  • Have at least [XX] [direct deposit / ACH credit] transactions post and settle
  • Have at least [XX] PIN-based, signature-based] debit card purposes, each greater than [$XX.XX], post and settle
  • Have at least [XX] credit card purposes, each greater than [$XX.XX], post and settle,
  • Have at least a combined total of [XX] PIN-based, signature-based] debit card purposes, each greater than [$XX.XX], or credit card purchases, each greater than [$XX.XX], post and settle
  • Have at least [XX] bill pay transaction(s) post and settle
  • Maintain a valid email address on record with [ bank / credit union]
  • Be enrolled in and agree to receive eStatements
  • Be enrolled in and log into online banking
  • Be enrolled in and log into Kasasa 360®

Certificates of Deposit

TermMinimum BalanceRateAPY1
6 months$1,0000.75%0.76%
1 year$5001.00%1.02%

1. Penalty for early withdrawal.


Type of LoanTermAPR2
Personal Loan60 months7.55%
Auto Loan48 months4.00%

2. Put whatever disclaimer the FI provides here. Generally speaking, use whatever disclaimer, wherever they have it, however they have it. Only place we will deviate is we will not use * as disclaimer symbol since it is reserved specifically for BV product rates and is used throughout site already.