This Site is For Internal Use Only

This mock site is to demonstrate compliance-approved copy for our products. The compliance guidelines and language applies to Kasasa products and the relevant REALChecking System products. All rates and numbers are samples for illustrative purposes only. This site is for demonstration only, to be used internally by BancVue employees.

Strive For Consistency

Examiners are looking for consistency across all of our client's marketing materials. When they see it, they have confidence that all information is being shared appropriately.

When examiners see different formats, different words, different sentence structure, they sense/conclude that our institutions are trying to hide something or bury it where the consumer/account holder can't find it.

Therefore, we must remain as consistent as possible on all of our marketing materials. Please ensure you adhere to the language and guidelines provided by this site.

Compliance is the FI's Responsibility

This is the general guideline we adhere to for both BancVue and non-BancVue products. We provide our FIs with "sample disclaimer language" and our best guidelines for compliance, however, compliance is ultimately the FI's responsibility.

Follow Our Compliance Updates Log

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